Boxing and Safety

Boxing is a contact sport. Not a contact sport like rugby or NFL, i.e. you will not be jumped on by 10 steroid-filled giants but a contact sport in that parts of your body will come into contact with things. Like your fist and a boxing bag.

Since boxing is a contact sport, there are some injuries that are more likely to happen to people learning the sport. Some are caused by the lack of fitness – is being so puffed that you have to lie down an injury? Over-stretching, muscle soreness from exercising underused muscles and sore feet from skipping.

Other injuries are caused by the contact between hands and boxing bags. Human hands aren’t designed to hit things, finger bones are very fragile. Besides bruising on the knuckles, the other common injury is caused by not hitting properly. Hitting a bag with your thumb or with a finger poking out hurts! This is why coaches and instructors spend some time demonstrating the correct way to make a fist and punch.

Boxing Safety Equipment

Injuries seen in professional boxing and UFC-style events are almost never seen in the type of boxing we are talking about. The aim of the professional fighters is to win by knocking out their opponent. Amateur boxers aim for points, beginner boxers aim for fitness.

Boxing contains a lot of safety equipment, however one the benefits of boxing is that there isn’t a whole lot of equipment needed. The most obvious piece of boxing equipment is boxing gloves. These were invented to protect the boxers hands, an added bonus is that they can cushion the blow when the glove hits the target.

Boxing hand wraps protect the knuckles and wrist when punching. The hand wraps provide reinforcing to the wrist to stop it bending in the wrong direction. This is a less common injury as it takes a forceful punch against a heavy bag to occur.

Inflatable boxing gloves are purely for the benefit of the opponent, bigger gloves do mean less force on impact. However, for beginners, using these gloves can cause issues when working on focus mitts or punching bags as they obscure everybodies view and make coaching and corrections harder to implement.

Boxing head gear is only needed when sparring or competing. It protects the boxer from scrapes and cuts from the opponents gloves, it isn’t useful for wearing during any other type of training.

For your safety, please consult your doctor before starting.